The background will set the scene of the composition. While forground objects are meant be engaging for directing the eye, background's purpose is to set the mood during the travel. It is important to exemplfiy the desired feelings of the target audience. Both corporate and fun catergory backgrounds will tend to be light, so the foreground objects must be dark. Elegant and urban backgrounds tend to be dark forcing the foreground objects to be lighter for contrasting purpose.

Corporate Backgrounds

  • Sillouttes
  • Vector Shapes
  • Vector Lines

Urban Backgrounds

  • Noisy Spotlight
  • Glowing Spiral
  • Photo Texture

Elegant Backgrounds

  • Noisy Spotlight
  • Wallpaper Pattern

Fun Backgrounds

  • Paint Splatter
  • Silloutte
  • Rainbow
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  • Vector Shapes
  • Wallpaper Pattern
  • Paint Splatter (vector shapes)
  • Rays (vector pattern)
  • Glowing Spiral
  • Photo Texture


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Expanding Identity Package


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To provide customers with an image to envision your business.
Your logo is the face of your business it tells customers where your coming from and who your talking to.
To provide customers with information, advertise and sale products.
A website is a virtual storefront that never closes, you can advertise, inform even sell anyone on-line.
To correspond with other corporate identities professionally.
Custom stationery is not as convenient as an email can be much more effective and meaningful.
To bring an identity or idea to life. Combining sound and motion can generate emotions, which are memorable. From a marketing standpoint, animation the most effective method for leaving impressions in the minds of potential buyers.

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