Anymated Animation

We can produce the illusion of movement when displaying images sequenced to mimic momentum. Animation is used to allow one to believe or even feel a false reality. Business' use animation to make their ideas 'larger than life' or make their products 'come alive' so that they can live in the minds of the observers. Spooky huh?

Service includes:

  • anymated transitions between content
  • sound tracks and sound effects (optional)
  • 48 hour response time
  • web compatible format export


Logo Spot

A logo spot is a a transition that usually decomposes and also re generates the logo in some way (within about 3 seconds), this can be achieved with computer generated effects.

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SFX Commercial

A Special Effects Commercial is composited animation where as text, images or even 3d Objects are placed in a 3 axis grid over a timeline; usually coming in and out of scene through various transitions. 

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Traditional Character Animation

Character animation involves the traditional pose to pose style of cartooning whether hand drawn or through vector paths, fluids motions are achieved by drawings mathematically placed between one another. Animations are commercials staring actors who where created instead of hired.

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You can call us at 1 (877) 248-3330 during central time business hours, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our online store to order a product.
Provide Feedback
When mock ups and drafts become available we will send notice by email, you can respond either by replying to the email or by calling 1 (877) 248-3330.
Approving the Project
When you are happy with the product developed, let us know and we will prepare the files for download.
Purchase and Download
You will receive a link to our online store where all the products you ordered will be available for download 24/7.
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Expanding Identity Package


You Need....

  1. a Logo....
  2. a Website...
  3. Stationary...
  4. Animation...
To provide customers with an image to envision your business.
Your logo is the face of your business it tells customers where your coming from and who your talking to.
To provide customers with information, advertise and sale products.
A website is a virtual storefront that never closes, you can advertise, inform even sell anyone on-line.
To correspond with other corporate identities professionally.
Custom stationery is not as convenient as an email can be much more effective and meaningful.
To bring an identity or idea to life. Combining sound and motion can generate emotions, which are memorable. From a marketing standpoint, animation the most effective method for leaving impressions in the minds of potential buyers.

Know your File Formats?

.jpg is the most popular image format.

.pdf This format is primarily used for printing documents.

.html is the main markup language for creating web pages.

.mov is the most popular format for playing videos.

.mp4 A digital multimedia format most commonly used for streaming movies over the Internet. 

Know your File Formats?

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