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Web Portfolio


The Poppy and Olive Branch| Ecommerce Dynamic Website
F.I.A.A.H| Deluxe Website
MyGPS.xyz | Standard Dynamic Website with Video Share add-on

Beta Stage

Ticket Office Events | Custom Dynamic Site 


BJ's Wash | Deluxe Animation
Grappling Creativity
 | Simple Dynamic Website
Beyond Communications | Standard Dynamic Website with Simple Logo Spot add-on
Travis Potter | Standard Dynamic Website
Alpha International Travel Inc
 | Deluxe Dynamic Website with Standard Commercial and Form Application
Point 8 Asset Management | Standard Dynamic Website with Simple Logo Spot add-on
Rapps Technologies Consulting | Simple Dynamic Website
Tamba Productions
 | Simple Dynamic Website
Grand Auto Care | Simple Static Website
Return Of The Red Tails | Deluxe Dynamic Website with Standard Logo Spot
 | Standard Dynamic Website with Standard Store Add-on
Tee's Furs | Simple Dynamic Website
Omaha Hauling | Simple Static Website
BATECO Incorporated
 | Standard Dynamic Website


Alpha International Travel Inc. | Dynamic CMS with SFX Voiceover Commercial and Custom Form Application
Fremont Electric Inc
 | Cartoon SFX Commercial
WW Installation Inc | Dynamic CMS with Logo Spot
Ez Runer Construction Corp. | Dynamic CMS with Logo Spot
Helping Hands For Immigrants’ Integration Inc. | Standard Dynamic Website
AT Group | Simple Dynamic Website
Swirl Bliss Inc. | Standard Dynamic Website
Friendship Program | Simple Dynamic Website with Logo Spot and Custom Form Application
Bsha Hair Boutique | Simple Dynamic Website with Simple Store Add-on
Heartland Montessori Preschool and Day Care | Simple Dynamic Website
Wayside Out-Reach Development, Inc. | Deluxe Dynamic Website with Blog and Simple Client Portal


Lesser Means More | Dynamic CMS with Real Estate Manager and Client Portal
Bsha Hair
| eCommerce
Pet Meds Inc
| Dynamic CMS
Veras Capital Group | Dynamic CMS with Client Portal
Fremont Electric Inc
 | Dynamic CMS with Logo Spot and Perfect Landing Page
The Friendship Program | Dynamic CMS with Application
Northside Church | Dynamic CMS
Stanco Electric | Perfect Website 3
Tyson Hall | Perfect Website 3 with Flash Billboard Image
Marsia Holzer | Flash Landing Page


Nebraska Academy of Martial Arts | Dynamic CMS with Logo Spot
Rani Distributors | Perfect Website 3.0 with Flash Billboard Image
TAIR Resources | Perfect Website 3.0 with Flash Billboard Image
TAIR Resources | eCommerce Store
SwirlBliss Frozen Yogurt | Perfect Website 3.0 with application and Complex Logo 
Melanated Music | eCommerce Store and Hand-drawn logo
Maat Academy | Perfect Website 3.0
EZRuner Construction | Perfect Website 3.0
Five Star Virgin Hair | eCommerce
HHFii | Dynamic eZPublish 4
Durham AME Zion Church | Dynamic eZPublish 4
West Harlem Community Organization | Dynamic eZPublish 4
Wayside Out-Reach and Development | Dynamic eZPublish 4
LKG Totes-to-Go | eCommerce Site 
M Travel | Custom Flash Website with Intro
Equator 3 Tours | Perfect Website 2.0
The Hinge Doctor | Perfect Website 2.0


Trinity UMC | Dynamic eZPublish 4
Eco-Chem | Perfect website Standard Version 
Lovingood Wellness | Perfect website Standard Version 
Just-be-u Foundation | Dynamic eZPublish 4 
Just-be-u Foundation | Perfect website Bare Essentials Version 
Stanco Electric | Perfect website Standard Version plus full stationery package 
2 Restore Life | Perfect website Standard Version 
Sublime Marketing | 2 Special FX Commercials with Custom Voiceover 
Melanated Movement | Perfect website Standard Version 
Ollies Place | Perfect website Standard Version 
Water of Nu | Perfect website Standard Version 
Sunny Smack | Web development from previous design 
Indigenous Khansultants | "Perfect Website" Standard Package with SFX Intro.


192 Sycamore Blvd | Perfect Website Bare Essentials Version 
Veteran Movers NYC | One Page HTML with Javascript Quote Generator and Logo Design
Lesser Associates | Customized eZ Publish CMS for Reality Users and Rentors. 
Sublime Warranty | Flash Website Template Monster Customization. 
Sublime Merchants | Flash Website Template Monster Customization.
Bamboo Sounds | 1 Page Flash Website with various mp3 players on scrolling plane.
American Fire Control | 5 Page Flash Website for browsers that support flash and One page HTML for those browsers that dont support flash
Wilder Windows Inc. | Full Branding Package with 5 Page Flash Website and slideshows 
Hillside Media Inc.| 7 Page HTML Website Design with Custom Slideshow and Media Player
EZ Runer Construction| 5 Page HTML Website Design with Rollover Gallery
Alpha International Inc. | 8 Page Enhanced Flash Website with Timed Slideshow Text
The LightBulb Factory | 4 Page Flash Website Design with Shopping Cart Enhanced Rollover Gallery, Slideshow and Video Player
Allywood Pictures | Simple 3 Page Flash Website with Video Player
Kickin Krafts | CGI Logo
I Love This Spot | Video Composite Presentation comprised of Captured Video Video and Computer Generated Special Effects
Image Tech | Monthly Flyer Newsletter Service


Creative Hair Tools | A Dynamic website with Admin Module and WYSIWYG Editor (EzPublish Interface) and Shopping Cart Intergration
The Fishery | 7 Page HTML Website with Slideshow, Custom Graphic Design Layout)
Nancy Coll Fine Art | 1 Page HTML Website with 3 page Rollover Gallery and Flash-to-PHP contact form
Jaz Tattoo | 5 Page Flash Website with Custom Gallery
Private Label Intl | A Flash website with Dynamic Navigation and Flash/PHP Emailer
Lovingood Wellness Group | 7 Page HTML Website with Slideshow and API intergration (reoccurring billing shoping cart)
Gigi Travel Agencies | 4 Page HTML Website
The Gymanimals | 2 Page HTML Website
Corinthian Diagnostic Radiology | Video Website Intro
Cheap Maid Services | 3 page HTML website
Creative Hair Tools | SEO Monthly Newsletter


The Aurora Gallery | Flash Website with Rollover Galleries and Super VideoPlayer
Creative Hair Tools | 10 Page HTML site, Email Blast Form, Collapsible Panels
CC Jaber's Auto | A Modern Layout Static HTML site
ZaAm It | A animation introduction still under construction
ALANY | A Modern Layout Static HTML site with web commercial in the header
Sweatshop Studios | A SFX Flashsite done for a recording studio still under construction, waiting for content...
Lesser Associates | A Wordpress Blogsite with a Modern Brand and Live Recordings
General Brolly | A Musician's Flashpage displays videos, photos, mp3 audio files and shopping cart
Saint-Louis Grid | A Wordpress Multi-User Social Network with Custom built flash Family Tree still under construction
Equator3 Tours | A HTML Website with Slideshow/Header, Sound Player Window, Rollover gallery and Super Video Player
Cultural Freedom | A HTML Website with Slideshow Header, Flash/PHP contact Form and Super Video Player
ArtFortune Test Design | A Dynamic Website Design without Development
Green Spirit Products | A HTML Page with Traditional Animation Header, Video Player and Shopping Cart Intergration
Concep Make Love | A HTML website with Dynamic Gallery, Super Video Player and Flash/PHP Emailer
All My Hood | A HTML website with Flash Header and Super Video Players
Creative Hair Tools | A HTML website with Java Pop-up Windows, Flash/PHP Emailer and Shopping Cart Intergration


Royal Boutique | A HTML website with Java Pop-up Windows
Tyson Hall | A Flash website with Rollover Gallery, Video Player and Flash/PHP Emailer 
ECR Antiques | A HTML website with Slideshow, Java Pop-up Windows, Video Player and Flash/PHP Emailer 
Mistah Metro | A HTML Based website with Flash Elements through out. Features rollover navigation, XML JukeBox, Flash/PHP Emailer and Shopping Cart
Pro Innovators | A Flash website with VFX Intro and Flash/PHP Emailer 
Fur Fashion Warehouse | A Flash website with Rollover Galleries and Flash/PHP Emailer 
Original Rollers | A HTML website with Flash Header/ Navigation and Shopping Cart 
ALANY | HTML Site with Rollover Navigation, Flash Slide Show, Gallery and Shopping Cart - Site has been changed 11-2009
Betties Respite Care | A One Page HTML website 
RTC LLC | HTML Site with Illustration Logo 
Creative Tai | Single HTML Page with XML Jukebox, PHP Emailer and Rollover Gallery
Andreya Black | Music Template with VFX Header 
TF Mafia | Music Template


Lesser Associates | VFX Logo, HTML Website with Flash Header/Navigation
DJ Prisoner of War | Illustration Album Cover
Al Bandiero | Custom Flash Website with VFX Video Player, Rollover Gallery and Flash/PHP Mailer
Diamond Boy Luis | Custom Flash Website with Rollover Gallery and Flash/PHP Mailer
Art Source Co. | Flash Website, Rollover Gallery and PHP Mailer, Anymated Portrait, DVD Authoring
Feel Me Massage | HTML Site with Rollover Navigation
Glass Touch | HTML Site with Rollover Navigation and Shopping Cart
Omaha Hauling | One HTML Page
Velvet Chair Salon | Flash Template with Rollover Gallery 
Perfection Barber and Beauty | HTML Page (2)
Leflores Fashion | HTML with Flash Header and Rollover Navigation
Phoenix Carpet Cleaning | Logo and Business Card
Valleywide Stonecare | Logo, Business Card and HTML Website with Video Flash Header and Java script Pop Up Windows
See Spot Run Carpet Cleaning | Hand Drawn Logo and HTML Website no longer hosted.


Cave Creek Jabers Auto | HTML Website with Flash Navigation, Hand Drawn Logo and Business Card 
Rochelle Herman | Custom Flash Website with HTML Frame Rollover Gallery and Flash/PHP Mailer
Amelios Pizza | Company Logo
Insane Soundz | Illustration Logo 
Xtramental Musik | Do these hand cuffs make me look fat
Mosaic of Mama | Book Illustration 
King Warranty | HTML Website with Flash Header no longer hosted
Austin Plumbing LLC | HTML Website with Flash Header 
Know Your Horse | Custom Flash Website with Flash/PHP Mailer and Rollover Gallery, Illustration Logo 
My Area Code TV | HTML Website with VFX Logo Header, VFX Promo, Flash Slideshow
SJDavis Homes | HTML Website with Flash Header and Navigation with Flash/PHP Mailer 
Diamond Boy Luis | Custom Flash Website with Rollover Gallery and Flash/PHP Mailer 
Color of Essence | Custom Flash Website with Rollover Gallery and Flash/PHP Mailer, Illustration Logo 
M & T Merchants | Flash Website with Flash/PHP Mailer 
CRC Productions | Logo and Business Card Design 
Break Bread Records | Illustration Logo


NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene | Live Action/Animation Video 
KBM Agency | Technical Illustration, Flash Animation
MG Note-Pen | HTML Website with Shopping Cart, Flash Header & Flash Animation 
Shock Da People Promotions | Jingle, Flash Template & Text and Image Logo 
Fuel Bar and Grill | HTML Website, Enhanced Logo 
We Rent Vacation Homes | Realtor Template 
AZTourist | Flash Banners
Zuni Village RV Park | HTML Website with Rollover Navigation
Good Yoga Live | Flash Template with Rollover Gallery & Flash/PHP Mailer 
JE Design | Custom Flash Site with Flash/PHP Mailer and Interactive Rollover Gallery 
Reliable Onsite | HTML Website with Flash Header and Navigation, Brochure, Business Card & Text and Image Logo 
Miracle Product | HTML Website, Brochure & Simple Logo 
Imperio Deportivo | Magazine Cover, SFX Commercial, Web Page 
Morgan Jaffrey Associates | Logo and Business Card 
Anetrius | Illustrated Business Card

Business Card Examples


Office Hours

9am - 5pm Central, Monday - Friday

Call (877)248-3330 to Get Started!

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Get in Touch
You can call us at 1 (877) 248-3330 during central time business hours, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our online store to order a product.
Provide Feedback
When mock ups and drafts become available we will send notice by email, you can respond either by replying to the email or by calling 1 (877) 248-3330.
Approving the Project
When you are happy with the product developed, let us know and we will prepare the files for download.
Purchase and Download
You will receive a link to our online store where all the products you ordered will be available for download 24/7.

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To provide customers with an image to envision your business.
Your logo is the face of your business it tells customers where your coming from and who your talking to.
To provide customers with information, advertise and sale products.
A website is a virtual storefront that never closes, you can advertise, inform even sell anyone on-line.
To correspond with other corporate identities professionally.
Custom stationery is not as convenient as an email can be much more effective and meaningful.
To bring an identity or idea to life. Combining sound and motion can generate emotions, which are memorable. From a marketing standpoint, animation the most effective method for leaving impressions in the minds of potential buyers.

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.html is the main markup language for creating web pages.

.mov is the most popular format for playing videos.

.mp4 A digital multimedia format most commonly used for streaming movies over the Internet. 

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