Duration: 30 minutes


Display up to 5 images and 1 Barcode per purchase

Graphic Design for (1) Image included


Do you have a special to promote or grand opening to advertise? The new wave of technology has arrived! In the past, a similar form of advertising was deemed intrusive as text messages suddenly appeared on people's phones without their permission. 

Our method is FCC approved, as this beacon generally emits graphics via chrome's mobile browser to all Bluetooth enabled devices within 30 meters. Coupon Barcode enabled, this device collects statistics based on physical locations.

Other Bluetooth marketing services required users to download your app or log into your Wi-Fi to send notifications. For maximum exposure, use BlueHat Marketing at your business location.

Schedule intervals, 24 hours in advance at your business location. Our representative will be on location with the emitter on hand for the duration of your purchase. This service is currently limited to the Douglas County, Omaha, Nebraska.

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